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TOYOTA Passo, Daihatsu Sirion - EPS (Electric Power Steering) repair

Regular price $661.25

Common faults include relay failure, and EPS motor performance. With symptoms typically being the EPS light on the instrument cluster, the steering in the vehicle becoming hard, and EPS related fault codes when scanned. 

common part number but not limited to  

  • 89650-B1040
  • 45250-B1013-2
  • 89Y23416 PD-0021
  • 89650-B1010-B
  • EADCEC-023

Note : this unit must be sent in as a pair, with the EPS and motor. This is so that we can perform calibrations and checks, making sure that the EPS is recognizing the motors performance characteristics after rebuild. The motor is easy to remove from the steering column, with just two 12mm bolts allowing you to remove the motor. The motors output shaft is splined into the column, and should slide out of the steering column. 

Price for repair, 575+GST
1 year warranty on repair.