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Scan tool battery re-pack RRC2040 autologic

Regular price $546.25

This service is to re-pack the cells of dead, or dying scan tool battery packs. 
These batteries are commonly used in autologic scan tools. Due to the age of these battery packs, they commonly fail as the cells go bad inside. And are difficult to purchase. 

The repair process includes replacement of all cells inside the pack. We use a precision spot welder to re-join the cells to the pack, minimizing the heat induced into the pack, insuring that the new cells inside do not suffer damage during instillation. 
Genuine and high quality LG, Panasonic, or Sony cells are used as a replacement, insuring the longevity,and quality of the repair. Each refurbished battery will have the equivalent performance of a new battery pack after this repair process. 

$546.25 incl GST

*Please note, there is some risk with these batteries, in that the BMS (or battery management system) IC inside can lock-out and prevent the battery from re-activating. This typically happens after the battery has experienced under voltage too many times. 
If this is the case with your battery, and it is unable to be recovered, there would be a minimum charge of 150+GST applies to cover the time and labor for this attempted repair process. This risk is minimal, and 90% of batteries do not experience this issue. 

We have expertise in servicing automotive electronics, and related equipment and service tools. So if you have another type of battery needing to be serviced, or any other un-related electronics repair, contact us for a quote.