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Ford Ranger 2016 - Instrument cluster repair

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This  repair is service is to 

Repair Backlighting on the instrument cluster 

Failed motors, Commonly RPM / Speedometer 

Change Odometer  Reading  



helpfull top on these for self-test  

1. Key in ignition
2. Press the left button (on Rev Counter side) and hold in
3. Turn ignition key to full-on (but do not start engine)
4. While the left button is kept fully depressed, wait until the display shows the word "test"
5. Now let go button and press to go through 25 different items. This includes LED, LCD, Dial testing, Instant speed in km/hour, miles/hour, engine coolant temp, digital rev counter, ave fuel consumption from date of manufacture to today, manufacture date (year and month), etc
6. To return to normal function, either turn off the ignition or hold the button in for about 5 seconds.