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Electronic Steering Lock - Audi A8 / Porsche Cayenne / VW Touareg Phaeton / Bentley Continental

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Complete Remanufacture Service for Audi A8, Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg / Phaeton Steering Lock Mechanism. 

The steering lock module is integrated in the steering column. Failure is typically identified by no response from key in the ignition, or proximity access (Start button), accompanied by "Steering Faulty" message on driver info display.

The Steering Lock (along with the Immobilizer Box - Kessy, and Electronic Ignition Switch) is responsible for key/transponder recognition, unlocking/locking of steering wheel and powering up all modules in the vehicle. If there is an issue with any of the lock module components (actuator motor, relay, etc) or the integrated Immobilizer system Microprocessor/PCB, the module will not provide power to Terminal 15 (ignition on), which results in no ignition and no engine start.  The Immobilizer / Kessy control module will typically store "00288 - Steering Column Lock Actuator (N360) - Defective" fault.


2003-2010 Audi A8
2003-2010 Porsche Cayenne
2004-2010 VW Touareg / Phaeoton
2004-2010 Bentley Continental

This is a repair service, for refurbishment of your old steering lock. The repair carries a 1 year warranty as standard. 

575+GST, or 661.25 incl GST