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Audi TT Headlight wiring repair Partial/Full Re-Wire

Regular price $391.00

This service is to repair damage to the wiring inside a Audi TT headlight. 

There are two options listed here, partial, and full re-wire. 
The reason for this is that the full re-wire options requires a full day of work, as the lens is separated from the headlight, and every single wire inside the unit is replaced. This is very labor intensive, and hence the high price. At the end of this repair, the headlight has every wired replaced with higher quality wiring, which will not flake and chip off in the future. 

The partial re-wire option has been added as a alternative to a full re-wire. In this option, the most commonly damaged section of the park light wiring harness is re-wired. Without separating the lens off the headlight. Then the remaining wires are glued in place, to secure the insulation from flaking off further. This option may result in the harness damage progressing further inside the headlight, and would be the less reliable of the repair options. 

An assessment of the light will need to be done to insure it's eligible for the partial re-wire option.