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Audi climate control module repair A4/A5/RS5/B8

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This unit commonly suffers from liquid damage inside this unit. 

Prices for this repair vary, depending on the extent of the damage. Units with minor liquid damage will have a fee of 325+GST. However units with severe liquid damage will have a repair fee of 475+GST. 

The repair process includes a full tear down ultrasonic cleaning of the PCB. Microscopic inspection and assessment to determine the extent of the damage. Including stripping of the solder mask in affected areas to gauge the damage. Once the damage has been assessed, and a price has been quoted, we will repair all of the damage inside of the unit. And apply a protective coating on the PCB. Which will provide a barrier against future water damage to this unit. 

Note, an assessment fee of 95+GST (109.25incl), plus shipping applies if the module is too damaged for repair. Or the module experiences other failure after the repair process. This is to cover the work done and time spent on the  repair during the process. 

If your unit has other unrelated faults. Or your vehicle has other electronics related issues, do not hesitate to contact us. As we offer a full range of electronics repair services.  And skilled technicians on the phone ready to help.

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