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YYA-3 Cycle Delay Timer Relay Module Adjustable Time Control Switch LED Display

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Input voltage 5-12v
General purpose cycle timer module


1. This delay relay switches on for some time after power-on, then switches off for some time, and cycles the above process.

2. With power-off memory function to save the setting parameters.



Model: YYA-3

Timing range: 0s-999min adjustable

Supply voltage: DC 5V
Output: DC 5-30V/AC 220V 10A

Static current: 20mA

Working current: 50mA

Time setting:

After power-on, start the countdown.

The first three times to press k1 can set the time to switch on, and the last three times is can set the time to switch off. Press K1 to change the position of time setting, press K2 to change digit. After the digital tubes do not flash, press K2 to change the position of decimal point. Timing range varies according the position of decimal point:

XXX. - timing range: 0 ~ 999 minutes

XX.X - timing range: 0 - 99.9 seconds

XXX - timing range: 0 ~ 999 seconds

After you finish the time setting, you can press and hold K2 to turn on/off the digital tubes.