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XY-J02 Time Delay Power Cut Off Trigger Delay Cycle Timing Circuit switch

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1: Working voltage: 6--30V, support micro USB 5.0V power supply

2: Trigger signal source: high-level trigger (3.0V-24V) The signal ground and the system ground are not common to improve the anti-interference ability of the system (you can also short-circuit the common ground by yourself)

3: Output capacity: can control equipment within DC 30v 5A or AC 220v5A

4: Static current: 20mA Working current: 50mA

5: Timing range: 0.1 seconds-999 minutes continuously adjustable;

6: Service life: more than 100,000 times: Working temperature: -40-85C: Size: 6.2*3.8*1.7cm 7: With optocoupler isolation, enhanced anti-interference ability, industrial-grade circuit board, set parameters and remember them forever after power off . Special attention: the relay output is a passive contact, with no power output, and it is used to control the on-off of a line.