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MQ-2 Gas Sensor, LPG, I-Butane, Propane, Methane, Alcohol, Hydrogen, Smoke, with digital und analog output.

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Data Sheet

Gas sensor to detect gas leaks or measure gas. Trigger-value for the digital output can be modified. The analog sensor-value can be read with a simple analogRead(Ax); with every Arduino.

The sensor can be directly connected to a microprocessor, no further components or electronics are required.

  • MQ2 Gas Sensor to detect LPG, I-Butane, Propane, Methane, Alcohol, Hydrogen, Smoke
  • Operating Voltage 3.3V - 5V
  • digital comparator-output
  • analog output
  • trigger-value for digital output can be adjusted
  • PCB-size 35mm x 21mm
  • 4 mounting holes
  • Pins: GND, DOUT, AOUT, VCC