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Industrial equipment repairs

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At Get Electronic, we offer a full range of electronics repairs. Including industrial equipment repairs.  We have trained technicians and electrical engineers, ready to assist you with all of your repair needs. 

If you have a piece of industrial equipment that you need repaired, get in touch. We should be able to assist you. 

Our services include...
  • Reverse engineer and diagnose faults - Our technicians are trained to reverse engineer electronics on the fly. Without the need for schematics and datasheets. If your equipment is obsolete, or there is limited data on serviceability, not a problem. Our technicians work with our customers to understand the fault, reverse engineer the circuitry, and work out what the most viable repair solution is. 
  • Microsodlering and component replacement - We have the tools, expertise and training to handle thew most difficult soldering jobs. Being able to replace most components on a PCB. Anything from BGA replacement and reballing, very fine SMD Devices, QFP, QFN, SOIC, SOP,  as well as through-hole component replacement. 
  • PCB repair - We are able to repair burned or water damaged PCB boards.
  • X-Ray - Some jobs we may not be able to easily access the electronics. Or the unit is damaged to a point where is is difficult to make out tracks and connections. Not a problem. We use X-Ray in order to see inside electronics, in order to be able to properly inspect and assess for repair. 
  • Connector, Cables, Switches, Buttons, Relays - We can test, diagnose, and repair all sorts of electrics equipment. In special cases where the part is obsolete or unavailable, we will work with the customer to provide a alternative solution. We have  CNC milling to be able to manufacture, or modify parts to suit. We have of thousands of components and parts in stock so we can repair your electronics as quickly as possible. 

Urgent repair services - We also offer urgent repair services, for cases where the electronics are critical to the operation of business or machinery. An additional 200+GST on top of your repair price will mean that you will skip the queue and your job will be assessed by one of our technicians same or next day. 

Minimum Charge - We can repair most things. However in cases where the cost of repair exceeds cost of replacement unit, or where a unsuccessful repair attempt was made, we will only charge you 150+GST for the attempted repair and processing through our workshop. This limits the amount of risk you take on by sending a item for repair. Even if we spend hours diagnosis and troubleshooting your electronics, if we are unable to provide a solution, the damage is limited to a minimum charge. Our repair jobs also come with a 1 year warranty as standard. 

Give us a call on 0800 000 488 to discuss your repair options. Or flick us a email at