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HW-751 1-channel Relay Module Delayed Power-off Disconnected Trigger Delay Cyclic Timing Switch battery charger

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1. With LCD display, the current mode and parameters are clear at a glance, simple and practical.
2. Supports high and low level triggering and switching value control, suitable for most occasions.
3. Wide voltage power supply 6~30V. micro USB 5.0V power supply is supported, which is very convenient to use.
4. Support UART data upload and parameter setting.
5. With one-button emergency stop function STOP key. With reverse connection protection, reverse connection does not burn.
6. Added sleep mode. No operation within 5 minutes, LCD backlight will be automatically turned off. Press any key to wake up.
7. Different OP, CL and LOP parameters can be set. These parameters are independent of each other and stored separately.
8. All set parameters are automatically saved when power is off.
Working voltage: 6--30V
Model: HW-751
Type: Delay ModuleHW-751
Size: Approx. 8*3.8*2cm/3.15*1.5*0.79inch