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Holden Colorado instrument cluster repair - Gauge failure - And other common faults.

Regular price $344.00

This listing is for repair of gauge movement of Holden Colorado instrument clusters. Gauges faulty, not working, or sticking. 

Common faults include cluster motor/needles sticking, jamming, or not moving from their rest position. 

The price for repair varies depending and the service you require.  If you only want the faulty cluster movements repaired, price is 398+GST (457.70incl) we offer a 1 year warranty on the movements we replaced. 

Alternatively, we can replace all faulty movements inside with brand new ones. Ensuring that all movements are brand new and in good health. . And will offer a 1 year warranty for all gauge movements inside this cluster. Price for this service 475+GST. 

We also offer a full range of electrical testing and repair services. So if you have a unrelated cluster issues, contact us now for a quote.