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Hantek CC65 Digital AC/DC Current Clamp Meter Multimeter Oscilloscope with BNC Connector

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AC/DC frequency range: up to 20KHz.
Effective measurement range: 20mA to 65A DC.


DCA Range 1 mV /10mA (1.5%5mA) 10mA ~ 20A
1mV/100mA (2%20mA) 100mA ~ 40A;
(4%0.3A) 40A ~ 65A
ACA Range 1mV/10mA (2%30mA) 100mA ~ 10A (40Hz ~ 2KHz);
(4%30mA) 100mA ~ 10A (2KHz ~ 10KHz);
(6%30mA) 100mA ~ 10A (10KHz ~ 20KHz);
(8%30mA) 10A ~ 15A (40Hz ~ 20KHz)
1mV/100mA (2%30mA) 200mA ~ 40A (40Hz ~ 1KHz);
(4%30mA) 200mA ~ 40A (1KHz ~ 2KHz);
(6%30mA) 200mA ~ 40A (3KHz ~ 5KHz);
(8%0.3A) 40A ~ 65A (40Hz ~ 20KHz)
Captured Conductor Size   9mm maximum
Low Battery Indictor   Red LED lighting
Operating Temperature   0 to 5070% R.H.
Storage Temperature   -20 to +70, 80% R.H.
Battery Type   9V DC, NEDA 1604, 6F22,0006P( NOT INCLUDED)
Battery Life   100 hours typical with alkaline
Weight   250 gm typical
Dimensions   195mm(H) x 70mm(W) x 33mm(D)
Output   Supplied with coil cable with straight banana plug or BNC plug.