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FP5139 100W DC-DC 3.0-35V To 3.5-35V Boost Step-up Voltage Converter Module Adjustable Power Regulator Board with LED Voltage Meter

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  • Input Voltage Range:DC 3-35V(Note:the input voltage is less than 4V, voltmeter failure)
  • Input Current:7A
  • Output Voltage Range:DC 3.5-35V (please to ensure that output voltage above on input voltage)
  • Output Current:6A (max)
  • Output Power:75W (when the input and output voltages greater than 16V up to 100W)
  • Conversion Efficiency:96% (max)
  • Voltmeter Range:4 to 40V
  • Short Circuit Protection: yes(limit current 14A)
  • Input Reverse Polarity Protection:none
  • Size:67*42*12mm