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Fendt Vario Terminal repair

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This is a repair service, to repair your Fendt Terminal/Display/Screen. 
Common failures include display not working, faulty back lighting or display flickering. 

If your repair falls under this description, then we offer a repair service priced at 325+GST per hour of time spent on the repair. 
These display units typically take around 2 hours to repair. 

If you have unrelated faults with your unit, then do not hesitate to contact us. We have a full service of electronics repairs. So may be able to assist in unrelated faults. 

Part numbers include, but are not limited too 
G718.970.010.047, Z718970010137,
G718.970.010.011, G716.970.010.057, G411.971.010.030, G916.971.010.031, G718.970.010.134, G716.970.010.058, G718.970.010.130a, G718.970.010.131, G718.970.010.110, G916.971.010.030, G718.970.010.047, G716.970.010.059, G718.970.010.049, G718.970.010.135, G7