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DC7V-35V to DC1.25V-30V LED Driver, Charging Constant Current, Voltage Step Down Buck Power Supply Module Regulator

Regular price $28.00

Input voltage: 7V - 35V
Output voltage: 1.25V - 30V
Output current: Adjustable, 3A (maximum)
Transfer efficiency: 92% (maximum)
Switching frequency: 150KHz
output ripple: 50mV (maximum) 20M Kbps
Load regulation: ±0.5%
Voltage regulation: ±2.5%
Operating temperature:     -40°C to +85°C
Dimension: 48 x 23 x 14mm (L x W x H)

Both modules listed here are identical. Color is random. 

constant current indicator ( Red) 
charge indicator (red) 
Fully charged (Green)