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Bosch ESP9 ABS unit repair - Audi Q7 ABS repair

Regular price $661.25

Common faults codes include, but are not limited too...

C123EF0 - Brake Booster Failure
C055F00 - BSCM/EBBC Hydraullic Unit Performance. 
C123EF0 - Hydraulic Brake Booster - Limit value reached
U112300 - Databus Error Value Received. 

Typically the errors start as intermittent. And may come and go randomly. Clearing codes may temporally solve the issue. but the fault will come back shortly after. Getting more and more persistent as the ABS unit degrades. 

Please note, repair of this ABS unit is still in our experimental stages of repair. Prices are subject to change... We have repaired some units. However we have not done enough of them to prove the viability of this repair process. Given the nature of this repair process, we estimate that there is still around a 20% risk that using this service could brick, or cause other issues with your ABS unit. And a 80% chance that it will repair your unit. 

This repair process carries our standard 1 year repair warranty. That is if it fails within 1 year, or other issues are cause from the repair, we will refund back to a minimum charge of 95+GST for a non-repair price. 


Price for repair 575+GST
Or 661.25 incl GST