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1994-2009 VW Polo (9N, 9A), O2 sensor issues - Running Rough - ECU REPAIR SERVICE

Regular price $546.25

The ECU pictured below has common faults when the vehicle will run rough. Upon scanning, the vehicle with have codes related to O2 (lambda) sensor issues. 

Inspect and check the O2 sensors and wiring before sending your ECU in for repair. If the wiring and sensors are fine, then the fault likely lies within the ECU. 

Price for repair 475+GST
546.25 incl GST

If we are unable to find the fault inside your ECU, a minimum assessment fee of 95+GST applies. 

We offer a full range of electronics servicing and diagnosis. So feel free to give us a call regarding unrelated issues. 

Part numbers include, But are not limited too...
036 906 034 FL
Bensin 4MV 005 4550