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12V 24V 4 Digital Red LED Tachometer RPM 10-9999RPM Hall Proximity Switch Sensor NPN

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·Anti-jamming capability.
·Have good stability, high measurement precision.
·This digital display counter has bright LED light, high accuracy, good stability, and easy installation.
·The meter retains the number automatically when power off The working power supply: AC/DC 8-24V,30mA.
·Input pulse signal: NPN/PNP collector open circuit, contact switch, contactless switch, level pulse.
·Good product stability, strong anti-interference and is ability suitable for display of various digital instruments


-Power requirement: DC 8-15v
-Measure range: 10-9999RPM
-Clear zero: Automatic
-Display refresher rate: 3 Times/Sec
-Measure indication: RPM<5000,±2;RPM>5000,±3
-Response frequency: 100HZ
-Tachometer dimension: 72x36x20mm
-Panel cutout Dimension: 68x33mm
-Sensor Dimension: 12x55mm
-Proximity output current: 200mA
-Sensor wiring: brown-Power+;blue-Power-;black-signal
-Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C.