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10-55V DC motor speed controller PWM 100A 3000W with reverse

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Operating voltage: 10V-55V
Output voltage: Linear under load
Input current: Require large than the motor operating current
Output current: depend on load size
Output current: 0-100A
Continuous current: 60A
Current at rest: 0.01A (standby)
Maximum power: 3000 W (power = voltage * current)
Motor Power control: 0.01-3000 W,
12 V: 720 W (max), 24 V: 1440 W (max),
36 V: 2160 W (max), 48 V: 2880 W (max),
50 V: 3000 W (max).
Knob hole: 7mm
Speed type: adjustable current
Speed mode: ON \ OFF linear potentiometer 270 degrees
Speed range: 0% -100%
Frequency control: 15 KHZ
Speed Control: potentiometer (with switch)
Knob Specifications: 100 K (with switch)
Speed type: flow control
Advance rotation: Support
Digital positioning screen: 0-100 (full speed percentage)
Board size: 120x96mm/4.72x3.78"